A strong brand design is more than just a clever logo design; it permeates the brand completely, inspiring all who see the company’s business cards, t-shirts, and any other design elements to immediately identify the company. Think of brand identity as a cohesive glue that weaves all the aspects of a company’s brand--logo, print materials, website, products/services, etc.--together.

Establishing a consistent color scheme, logo design, and even font choice across the board will drive your brand identity and help you expand your reach. In a crowded market filled with brands fighting for attention, how do you stand out?

That’s where we come in.

Here at Baltimore Graphics Company, we like to be meticulous and focus on the small details of a brand’s identity, but we also know the importance of thinking big. Considering what’s at the heart of a brand helps us determine which design elements to utilize. Aesthetically, the brand identities we develop are both appealing and represent the heart and soul of the company.

In our visually driven world, it’s better to show, not tell. And truly, our work speaks for itself. Check out some of our recent brand projects below. Click on the icons to reveal the vision of their brand.

Are you need a new logo or simply want to refresh your existing brand but not sure where to start?
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